What is Viagra?
Viagra is an oral and prescription medication that helps men with erectile dysfunctions achieve normal erections. Viagra helps deal with conditions like impotence and pulmonary edema. With the right medical process, Viagra can also be used as a cure against hypertension.

Is the drug legal and safe to consume and purchase?
Viagra has already gotten the FDA clearance. It can be freely used without too much worry about health safety concerns. Most states and nations do not have barring laws on the distribution and manufacturing of Viagra. However, it is good to confirm with your local authorities. Such information can also be gotten from the internet. Still on the same, make sure the pharmacy or stores that you are buying from have been cleared by both FDA and local drugs regulatory bodies.

How does Viagra produce its effects?
Majority of Viagra users know that Viagra causes erections in men. What they may not know is the mode of action that Viagra employs to achieve these effects. Note that when we talk of Viagra’s mode of action, we are mostly referring to sildenafil, which is the active chemical ingredient in Viagra. After getting absorbed in the body a system, a relaxation effect is induced unto the blood vessels and generally all body muscles. This leads to the widening of blood vessels, and in turn a good blood circulation which ultimately leads to an erection as a result of encroached penile muscles veins. It also works by inhibiting a specific enzyme, ‘PDE 5’ which is responsible for ending an erection after ejaculation.

Does the relaxation effect occur all over the body?
The effects occur in the whole body system. This is why people with blood pressure malfunctions are advised to only use Viagra with a doctor’s directions.

What are side effects brought about by Viagra?
Headaches and problems arising due to digestion issues are to be expected after taking Viagra. Since the pills are coated and come in specific flavors, users experiencing various digestion problems and even nausea. Some also report slight pains in the muscles. Immediately you are done having sex, you may also experience fatigue, the reason as to why you should take energy foods and drinks when taking the Viagra medication.

Can Viagra cause blindness?
No, if correctly used, there have never been any reported cases of causing blindness. Users should however be careful to take Viagra according to provided and available prescriptions.

Can I drive under influence of Viagra?
In the right dosages and intake methods, you still can take Viagra and drive.

Are there limitations on drugs and foods to avoid?
Any medication that falls in the category of nitrates should be kept away far enough when taking Viagra. For foods, avoid a lot of fats and amount of alcohol that may impair your judgement.

Can I get pro-longed erections?
Viagra only works for a maximum of 5 hours. Any extended cases of erections can be directly termed as a malfunction, and you should immediately see a doctor. The conditions can result into tears in the erectile muscle fibers.